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AVANTech, Inc. and DTS Combine Forces
November 17, 2014 - Two Industry Leaders -AVANTech, Inc. headquartered in Columbia, SC and Diversified Technologies Services, Inc. (DTS) headquartered in Knoxville, TN have reached a definitive agreement to integrate their capabilities and offer specialized radioactive, hazardous and non-hazardous liquid treatment, products and services worldwide. Terms of the transaction were not disclosed.
The expanded company, AVANTech, will continue to focus on water management services and reducing costs and waste products. AVANTech brings its engineering, design and manufacturing capabilities which will be fully integrated with DTS’s field services, system leasing and products to provide coordinated solutions to the nuclear and power industry. Together the two companies have provided products and services to over 150 nuclear facilities in 14 different countries. Read more...
See you at WM2015
DTS and AVANTech look forward to seeing you at the Waste Management Conference, held March 15-19, 2015 at the Phoenix Convention Center, Phoenix, Arizona

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Desludging Robot
Robotic Crawler

DTS has been using its Solids Collection Filter (SCF™) at BWRs to support suppression pool/torus diving and desludging activities. A robotic crawler (pictured here) can also be combined with the SCF™ for desludging equipment pits and sumps. A high-pressure spray on the underside of the crawler easily removes stubborn film from metal surfaces, and dislodges debris from crevices and drains.
DrumDryer™ Shipped to Mexico
DTS/AVANTech shipped an automated state-of-the-art DrumDryer™ to Laguna Verde NPP in Mexico. The DrumDryer™ has an evaporate capacity of 120 gpd with an automatic fill, remote drum placement / removal and remote operation. The equipment was highly shielded and designed for unattended operation accept during drum changing operations.
This is the 15th DrumDryer™ to be placed into service at a nuclear plant
Fukushima NPP (Japan)
DTS / AVANTech continues to support cleanup activities at Fukushima. DTS is currently supplying filtration liners to Kurion to support cleanup of the strontium tank farm.
Exclusively from DTS ...
Advanced Polymer Solidification (APS™)
•   Stabilizes Class B & C Waste
•   NRC-approved filter encapsulation
•   No waste volume increase
Boric Acid Recovery System (BARS™)
•   Removes silica from primary and
    SFP water
•   Recovers Boric Acid cost effectively
DrumDryer™ (DD™) System
•   Dries RO reject to solids
•   Dries sludges and difficult laundry
    water concentrates, to solids
•   Refills automatically, operates
    unattended 24/7
•   More durable, less costly
•   More recycle capability
    Serveral options available
Radwaste Reverse Osmosis (RWRO™)
•   Polishes LRW to decrease
•   discharge
•   Minimizes resin use
•   Minimizes RO concentrates
Solid Collection Filter (SCF™)
•   Collects solids right in the disposal
•   Eliminates costly steps for solids
    separation, reduces waste handling
    contamination & personnel
Tubular UltraFiltration (TUF™)
•   Filters to <0.05 microns
•   Removes 100% TSS, all
    particulate isotopes
•   Protects RO membranes, IX beds
    from fouling
•   No chemical cleaning
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