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Robotic CrawlerDTS has been using its Solids Collection Filter (SCF™) at BWRs to support suppression pool/torus diving and desludging activities. A robotic crawler (pictured here) can also be combined with the SCF™ for desludging equipment pits and sumps. A high-pressure spray on the underside of the crawler easily removes stubborn film from metal surfaces, and dislodges debris from crevices and drains.

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Diversified was founded in 1989, bringing together personnel with over 100 combined years of experience in serving the waste management needs of the nuclear industry.
DTS provides innovative, cost-effective and volume-saving solutions to help you manage liquid radioactive and hazardous wastes. Some of our processing include technologies, such as, ion exchange, filtration, ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis, dewatering, drying and polymer solidification.
Our capabilities include product development; system designing, fabrication and operation; and project management.
Combining practicality with technical expertise and a talent for solving problems has helped us win the confidence of clients around the world, including nuclear power producers, U.S. DOD and DOE facilities, and private companies.


If you don't find the infomation you need on the web site, or want to speak with one of our technical staff, please let us know. It's our job to make your job easier! Contact Us.
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Exclusively from DTS ...

Advanced Polymer Solidification (APS™)
•   Stabilizes Class B & C Waste
•   NRC-approved filter encapsulation
•   No waste volume increase

Boric Acid Recovery System (BARS™)
•   Removes silica from primary and SFP
•   Recovers Boric Acid cost effectively
Tubular UltraFiltration (TUF™) System
•   Filters to <0.05 microns
•   Removes 100% TSS, most particulate
•   Protects RO membranes, IX beds from
•   No chemical cleaning
DrumDryer (DD™) System
•   Dries RO reject to solids
•   Dries sludges and difficult laundry water
    to solids
•   Refills automatically, operates unattended
•   More durable, less costly
•   More recycle capability
•   Several options available
Radwaste Reverse Osmosis (RWRO™)
•   Polishes LRW to decrease discharge
•   Minimizes resin use
•   Minimizes RO concentrates
Selective Ion Exchange Media
•   Maximizes isotope removal
•   Minimizes media use and waste volume

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